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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Improve Face-to-Face Meeting

Enhance your ability to collaborate globally by using powerful video conferencing tools like adding your company's logo and changing the background during a professional virtual meeting.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing

Enhance your Video Communication

With screen sharing, you can capture the attention of attendees, engage them more, present better, and help them understand the objectives better.

video Call Recording

video Call Recording

Record Live Virtual Meetings

Meetings should be recorded and viewed later. Write down what was discussed during the meeting to ensure you have accurate details. Assist teams in maintaining human connections regardless of physical location.

Real-Time Chat

Real-Time Chat

Live Chat & Polls

Send instant messages to other meeting participants or a private message to an individual participant. Improve team collaboration with real-time chat sessions during video conferences and live polls to get immediate feedback.

Public Rooms

Public Rooms

Manage Global Workspace

Maintain global connectivity for the entire team while increasing efficiency with the best virtual meeting platform's public rooms feature.

Private Meetings

Private Meetings

Schedule and Host Secure Meetings

Host secure private meetings with added encryption and password protection, or choose a moderator's formal approval for entry.


What is Video Conferencing Software?

Video conferencing software allows people to have a live conversation or meeting without being physically present at the same location. This type of software is available for many different platforms, including mobile devices and desktop computers, which makes it convenient for people to use from anywhere. Learn more about Video Conferencing Software

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