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Establish strong customer relationships by using desktop browser push notifications.

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Sensible Web Push Notifications

Increase your chances of engaging users by sending personalised push notifications with offers or updates that are relevant to each user.

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Notifications Personalized

Notifications Personalized

Boost customer engagement and site traffic by customising your push notifications to reach the right people.

Customized Template

Customized Template

Create your customised template with attention-grabbing media attachments. It may include editable text that will grab the interest and engagement of your audience.



Increase traffic and sales with custom push notifications that require little work while still achieving the best results through scheduled push notifications.


What is Web Push?

Web Push is a technology that allows websites to send messages to their users, even when the user is not active on the website. The messages are sent directly to the user's device and can be used to alert them to new content, provide updates, or send promotional messages. With Web Push, the user does not have to be actively using the website to receive the message—they can receive it even when their device is in sleep mode or when they are not actively browsing the web. Web Push is a powerful tool for increasing engagement with website content, as it allows users to receive messages at any time, regardless of their online activity.

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