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Using desktop and mobile browser push notifications, you can build strong customer interactions.

Web Push Notifications




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Smarter Web Push Notifications

Send push notifications to users who have opted-in to receive notifications from your website to reach users who may not have your app installed on their devices, and it also helps you to keep in contact with your users even when they are away from your website.

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Custom Notifications

Custom Notifications

Customize your push notifications to be relevant to your audience, and ensure that you reach the right people.



Design beautiful and modern websites with pre-designed templates that are easy to customise and reach your target audience, expand your website's exposure, and establish a set of customisation rules and limits for each template.

Personalized Template

Personalized Template

Build your personalized template, attach media that will generate customer interest. This media can be in the form of editable text that will help to capture your audience's attention and encourage them to interact with your template.



Send notifications at the right time to the right people, you can maximise your marketing impact and get the best results.


What is Web Push Notification?

Web push notifications are a powerful way to reach and engage your website visitors. They are timely, relevant, and individualized, and can be delivered to a user's desktop or mobile screen regardless of whether or not the user is on your website.

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