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Use sophisticated and simple workflow automation software to streamline the operations at the heart of your organisation and ensure that every activity progresses to the next stage of the process to ensure that your business runs more efficiently.





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Start small – automate one manual process at a time and discover the possibilities to transform the way people work across your organization.

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Unlimited Zaps

Unlimited Zaps

Streamline collaboration and productivity for your company with unlimited Zaps and automate endless workflows.

Application Management

Application Management

Managing multiple applications from one dashboard simplifies your process by making management easier. The process enables easier integration of enterprise applications and greater control over how they operate.

Real-time Logs

Real-time Logs

Track workspace usage, task progress and zap logs in real-time to get a complete view of your workspaces.

Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors

Create a custom flow to automate your process, saving you time and avoiding the need to redo work every time the data changes.


What is Workflow App?

Workflow app allows businesses to automate tasks related to business processes. On the platform, this sounds very straightforward, but few business workflows are just a simple set of tasks to be performed.

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