Workflow Automation

to amplify automated procedures throughout

Easily create flowcharts and official documents to hasten the creation of your automated systems.

Workflow Automation




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Create Work Schedules and Documentation

Increases the consistency of your organization's workflow processes by painstakingly capturing them.

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Break Loop

Break Loop

Gives everyone access to the appropriate automation tools to create fantastic software robots that enable and give organisations the plan or strategy of forming tools to manage them all, from business users to advanced RPA developers.

Solitary Extraction

Solitary Extraction

Easily create process maps and documentation. streamlines the documentation of business processes by carefully capturing your typical workflows. The RPA developer teams will be able to start automating once your automatically generated process maps are available for distribution.

Several Extractions

Several Extractions

Use your documentation throughout your entire organisation if you export it. You can export your documentation to Microsoft Word or use BotPath to distribute it to the appropriate teams.


What is RPA Software?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of software that enables businesses to automate repetitive processes with the use of computer software or, increasingly, artificial intelligence." RPA software is available as desktop apps or as cloud-based platforms.

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