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Get a centralized platform for collecting and storing employee data, tracking employee performance, and automating administrative processes such as attendance tracking, payroll, and benefits management.





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Automate payroll processing for businesses of any size to streamline payroll procedures, save money, and ensure compliance.

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Manage Payrolls and Leaves

Manage Payrolls and Leaves

Establish a highly flexible pay structure that is tailored to the company's employee categories, industry standards, and other requirements.

Maintain Timesheet

Maintain Timesheet

Generate statutory return file formats, such as the Form 24Q returns, PF ECR files, ESI Returns, and PT reports for all states, all without the need for additional data entry.

Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management

Provide a comprehensive employee database management system that allows HR staff to easily store, track, and manage employee data.


What is Core HRMS?

Core HRMS Software is a cloud-based solution that integrates, manages, and automates an organization's payroll process. It is in charge of handling compliances, calculating payroll, disbursing employee salaries, generating payslips, ensuring the database's security and integrity, and more.

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