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Employee Timesheet

Employee Timesheet

Track the hours employees have worked and how much they should be paid for their efforts it also provides employers with evidence of employee attendance and can be used to analyze trends in employee productivity.

Leaves and Payrolls

Leaves and Payrolls

Offer different types of leaves to their employees and the leaves may vary in duration, eligibility, and accrual depending on the company policy and this is responsible for tracking the leaves taken by the employees.

Social Streams

Social Streams

Allow users to stay up to date on the latest news and trends, as well as find and follow interesting people and celebrate everyone's accomplishments, birthdays, and anniversaries to strengthen bonds and motivate staff.


What is HRM?

HRM (Human Resource Management) software is used to manage human resources and associated procedures throughout the course of an employee's career. An HRMS allows a company to fully understand its workforce while remaining compliant with changing tax and labour laws.

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