Payroll HRMS

to regulate, set up, and automate employee on-time payments for employees

Reduce costs and comply with tax laws and other financial regulations for businesses of all sizes.

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Leverage Automation to Enhance Payroll HRMS Processes

Provide access control to ensure that only authorized personnel can access employee records and payroll data.

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Automated Payrolls

Automated Payrolls

Help to simplify the payroll process and can save time and money by eliminating the need for manual data entry, it can calculate and track employee wages, deductions, and more.

Configure Salary Structure

Configure Salary Structure

Generate legally required return file formats, such as. For example, Form 24Q declarations, PF ECR files, ESI declarations, and PT reports for all states that do not require additional data entry.

Generate Reports

Generate Reports

Provide a visual representation of the data and can provide valuable insights into trends, and patterns, and can also be used to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement.


What is Payroll HRMS?

Payroll HRMS Software is a cloud-based solution that integrates, manages, and automates the payroll process in an organization. It is in charge of handling compliances, calculating payroll, disbursing employee salaries, generating payslips.

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