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Gain valuable insights into employee productivity - Monitor webpages, capture screenshots, track time spent on activities, and more.

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Monitor in Real-time

Monitor in Real-time

Stay up to date by receiving real-time reports on employee activity.

Manage Tasks and Activities

Manage Tasks and Activities

Utilize productivity metrics and charts to obtain a complete view of employees' work and boost productivity.

Work Duration

Work Duration

Get a thorough report on each employee's working hours, vacations, and time off.


What is Employee Time Clock?

A time clock system in the workplace is a device that records the start and end times of hourly employees. Employees can punch in using a time clock app or a console at the office, depending on the type of time tracking software. The punch-in data is rapidly merged with a payroll software system, which HR professionals use to pay employees for the hours worked. The purpose of time clock software is to electronically track and document attendance in order to maintain payroll accuracy. Learn more about Employee Time Clock

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