Real Time Employee Monitoring

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Real Time Employee Monitoring




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Maximise Employee Productivity with Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Track employees' time spent on activities, websites, and applications, as well as screenshots and productive time, to gain valuable insights into their work.

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Track Activity

Track Activity

Receive timely reports on employee activity to stay informed.

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

Use data from productivity measurements and statistical analysis to get a full view of your employees' work and improve productivity.

Clock In and Clock Out

Clock In and Clock Out

Track your employees' productivity, get detailed reports on their working hours, vacations, and time off, and improve your company's productivity.


What is Remote Employee Monitoring?

Remote employee monitoring is a method of tracking employees' working hours to increase employee productivity. Businesses use remote employee monitoring software, which provides data on how much time was spent on specific tasks, projects, clients, and other things to boost productivity and business growth.

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