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Check your team's performance with the use of a time tracking software that will boost productivity, save time and allow you to get all the insights you need monitor empoyees.





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Simple Time Tracking and Reporting

Improve your team's productivity with a simple tool for keeping track of work hours, making payments easier, and more.

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Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Keep Track of Your Employees' Time.

Track how your employees spend their time. It's essential for efficiency, understanding, and a smooth flow of work. Fill in gaps and get rid of time consuming low priority tasks.

Online Timesheets

Online Timesheets

Track Time Digitally

Keep track of how much time a specific employee has worked over a specific period of time. To keep track of time spent on tasks, projects, or clients, use online timesheets.

Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Monitor Yor Team's Productivity

Track work, employee performance, and work in progress. Use different monitoring methods to measure productivity, track attendance, assess behavior and collect proof of hours worked.

Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting

Track the Profitability of Projects

Know when a project is over-budget or on pace to go over-budget and see cost per project and per user within a project in a detailed real-time report.

Import Tasks

Import Tasks

Bulk Import Tasks

Save time by importing tasks in bulk from CSV or cloud. Set trackers for all these tasks to identify gaps and improvise your processes to reduce time.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Supervise Your Team Regularly

Make yout team work easier by using a chrome extension what will enable them to set tasks and assist them on a regular basis.


What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is the process by which firms keep track of hourly employees' working hours and guarantee that they are paid correctly for their time. It is a subsection of time and attendance, which is a broad phrase that includes time monitoring as well as other aspects such as attendance, time off, billable hours, and scheduling. Learn more about Time Tracking Software

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