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Increase productivity and performance using a predictive dialer.

Allow your customers to schedule calls on a specific date and time, and automate the calls for the desired time.

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Multiple Dialing Modes

Multiple Dialing Modes

Multiple dialing modes provides the ability to make outbound calls using a variety of methods, including predictive, progressive, manual, and auto-dialing.


Pacing Ratio

Pacing Ratio

Pacing ratio is a call center software metric that measures the number of calls answered divided by the number of calls offered. This metric is used to gauge the efficiency of call center agents in answering calls.

Filter-Based Calling

Filter-Based Calling

Develop calling criteria that take into account time zones, regions, or other demographics.


Intelligent Call Assigning

Intelligent Call Assigning

It automatically assigns calls to agents based on a variety of factors, such as skills, location, and availability. This can help to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that calls are routed to the most appropriate agent.

Data Driven Power Dialer

Data Driven Power Dialer

A data-driven power dialer is a system that automatically calls a list of leads and connects them with the next available agent.


What is Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automates the process of placing outbound telephone calls. The system is designed to dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously and connect callers with live people as soon as they become available.

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