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Create precise scripts for any situation using Voxdesk's contact center scripting capabilities.

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Create Cognitive Call Center Scripts

Assist customer service representatives in maintaining direction and concentration while responding to customer inquiries.

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Theme-Based Scripting

Theme-based Scripting

Makes it easier for agents to quickly find the right information and provide the customer with an answer that is tailored to their needs.

Multilingual Scripting

Multilingual Scripting

Help shorten wait times for customers by using their native tongues to serve them more quickly. This can result in cost savings for businesses.

Tracker for Script Feedback

Tracker for Script Feedback

Allows agents to quickly view, analyze and modify their scripts. The feedback tracker collects customer feedback and provides agents with insights.


What are Call Center Scripts?

A call centre script refers to prepared talking points and common inquiries about incoming or outgoing calls. This can be used to ensure that each potential lead is maximised in sales, and customer service scripts allow customers to reduce their annoyance and get the help they need as soon as possible. Scripts, in theory, cover the entire range of client demands, providing the agent with an answer to every question a customer may have. To reduce searching, fumbling, or requesting management, the customer service script will ensure that the agent has all of the answers in front of them. It will give the agent conversation starters to keep the lead on the phone and extract as much information as possible.

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