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Manage and optimise your business calls. With a call management system, stakeholder and customer satisfaction is increased. It improves ties and promotes business expansion.

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Keep track of all previous conversations and their contacts in one place with VoxDesk's call management.

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Call Record

Call Record

Track calls and gather all the caller's information you need without having to make any effort.

Track Calls

Track Calls

Record any conversation, whether it be a conference call or a private discussion, so you can review it later.

Analyze Call

Analyze Call

Determine the total number of business calls, peak times, and geographic data about your callers.


What is Call Management?

Managing incoming calls is a task that businesses perform. Your company will need a call management system in order to log calls, gather statistics, and route calls to the appropriate person. The purpose of call management systems, as well as their advantages and common features, will be covered in this introduction to call management.

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