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Enables agents to dial customer numbers quickly and efficiently. Reduce the time it takes to make customer calls, making it an invaluable tool for call centers.

Speed Dialer




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Make Calls by Pressing a Single Digit

Allows users to quickly dial a preset number on their phone by pressing only a few keys, enhancing customer experiences and managing calls.

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Toolbar buttons

Toolbar Buttons

Uses is to make an immediate call to a particular person. This is beneficial when handling specific customer complaints.

Speed Dial Sidebar

Speed Dial Sidebar

Improves work productivity, reduce the number of times they need to contact third parties and increase customer satisfaction

Dial Several Numbers

Dial Several Numbers

Set up campaigns that automatically dial multiple numbers in sequence or concurrently, making it easy to reach a large group of prospects.


What is Speed Dialer?

Speed Dialer is call centre software that handles both incoming and outgoing calls. Speed dialer allows you to monitor the current status of your call centre and provides call-handling professionals with management tools. A sophisticated routing algorithm is used by speed dialer to prioritise calls based on caller location, time of day, and number of unanswered calls. The system also notifies agents when they are about to exceed their daily break or talk time.

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