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Analyze user sessions to determine where on the website users are interacting. Analyze user mouse movements to discover their interests.

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Strategies for Optimizing Click Tracking to Increase Conversion Rates

Analyze the various users' conversion rates on a particular webpage to identify which interface offers the highest and lowest conversion rates. Assists marketers to measure the success of their campaigns and optimize their strategies to maximize their return on investment.

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Determine Lead Source

Determine Lead Source

Determine the area of the site where users are converting, what factors affect conversions, and how long it takes for a user to convert into a customer.

Impression Tracks

Impression Tracks

Gain knowledge more about the effectiveness of the website, keep track of the number of impressions that the visitors make. Website owners can tailor their websites to the needs of their visitors by looking at the most popular web pages.

Monitor Failed Clicks

Monitor Failed Clicks

Find out which CTAs are converting the most and which ones aren't by measuring them. Determine and monitor unsuccessful clicks that did not result in conversions and assess the effectiveness of the website's user interface.


What Is Click Tracking?

An effective tool for recording and analysing user interactions on a website is click tracking, also known as mouse click tracking. It aids in comprehending how visitors interact with a website. This programme keeps track of people's clicks, including their locations, frequency, and links or buttons they avoid using.

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