Website Tracking

to evaluate the efficiency of websites

Observe how visitors use the website. Tracking real-time user responses on the website allows you to evaluate and analyse their behaviour.

Website Tracking




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Interact Visitors With Website Tracking

View detailed information about the visitors’ journey on the website including the number of pages visited, the amount of time spent on each page, the user’s geographic location, and the device used to access the website.

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Recognize Behavioural Trends

Recognize Behavioural Trends

Recognize patterns in website user behaviour. You can identify areas that could use improvements or adjustments by counting and analysing the number of visitors to your website.

User Data Monitoring

User Data Monitoring

Keep track of your user data to see what conversions have been made in your website in real-time.

Determine Potential Issues

Determine Potential Issues

Monitor and spot issues as they arise when a user interacts with your website in real-time, then address them as soon as you can.


What is a Website Tracking?

Enables website owners to monitor their visitors. When users interact with the site, the software records data about their behaviour. Additionally, it has the ability to track customer information, which can be a tremendous help in improving the user experience on the website.

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