Mouse Tracking

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Gather precise information about users mouse interactions, and then adjust the website's interface in light of that information.

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Analyze Mouse Movements With Mouse Tracking

Measure user engagement and identify user behavior on a website with mouse-tracking, and observe user interactions with a web page, such as how long a user spends on a page, how often they click or hover over certain elements, and which elements they click on.

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Monitor Mouse Movements

Monitor Mouse Movements

Recognize the most popular and underutilised areas of a website or application by understanding how users interact with them.

Locate Bugs and Errors

Locate Bugs and Errors

Identify any areas where users might be confused or frustrated. Check the website for any bugs or errors that might prevent users from using it efficiently.

Educative User Behavior Data

Educative User Behavior Data

Get precise and trustworthy information about user behaviour by monitoring interaction from entry to exit. Utilize this knowledge to use mouse tracking software to make the website user-friendly.


What Is Mouse Tracking?

Monitoring and capturing a mouse cursor's movement on a computer screen is called mouse tracking. To ascertain user engagement, mouse tracking software gathers information about users' mouse clicks, scrolls, and movements on a website. With the aid of mouse tracking software, the collected data is used to enhance user experience and improve website design.

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