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to comprehend visitor participation

Observe how visitors interact with your website, and only keep the sessions of your target audience, to better understand their behaviour and boost conversions.

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Maximize Your Visitor Acquisition Through Visitor Tracking

Gain insights into your website’s visitors and their behavior and learn about the time spent on your website, the pages viewed, the number of visitors, their location, and the type of device used to access the site.

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Keeping Records

Keeping Records

Eliminate any uncertainty about how visitors will interact with your website. Keep track of visitors' movements, clicks, and other actions as they navigate through your website.

Visitor Tracking List

Visitor Tracking List

Make your layout specific to draw attention to the information that matters most. higher-level session recordings analysis or focusing on sessions of particular interest

Control Tracking

Control Tracking

Obtain profound behavioral insights, and manage session recordings easily. Select a filter from a lengthy list to reduce the number of results you see so you can edit and delete them all at once.


What is Visitor Tracking?

Monitoring and tracking visitor interactions while they are on a website is known as visitor tracking. It keeps track of and examines user activity on the website. The data gathered can be used to improve the website's look, functionality, and usability. Visitor Tracking is a powerful tool that businesses can use to better understand their customers. With visitor tracking, businesses can monitor customer behavior on their website, including where they go and what they do when they visit. This information can be used to improve customer experience, optimize the website, and better target marketing campaigns. Visitor tracking works by tracking individual visitors on a website.

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