Session Replay

to improve customer experience

Provides you with the option to replay a user's full session, including mouse movements, clicks, page views, and other interactions.

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Relive Visitors Experiences Via Session Replay

Enables you to replay users’ sessions, and interactions with a website, such as mouse movements, clicks, page views, and scroll behaviors, and provides a comprehensive view of user behavior on a website to improve usability, customer experience, and customer satisfaction.

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Replay Recordings

Replay Recordings

Playback individual visitor recordings to observe how practical users interact with and perceive your website. With session replay, you can pinpoint problems and enhance the user experience.

Manage Playbacks

Manage Playbacks

Playback and analysis of visitor session records are available through a movie-like interface with well-liked playback options and behavioral information.

Publish Recordings

Publish Recordings

Assists your product managers, marketers, UX designers, and customer support staff in making data-driven choices, and share session recording links with them.


What is Session Replay?

Session Replay is a type of website analytics that records users’ interactions with a website and replays them as a video. This allows website owners to see how visitors interact with their website, so they can identify usability problems, optimize their website design, and improve customer experience. Session Replay can record mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling, as well as text entries.

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