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Introduction to 500apps

500apps is a single, most-progressive web solution bundle that gives developing organizations an All-in-One SaaS suite. It is a mixture of 50 applications that cover different business works like Sales, Marketing, HR and Ops, Support, Developers, Productivity, Collaboration, and Browser extensions.

With a global uptime guarantee of 99.5%, 500apps provides businesses with a slingshot growth strategy to become the next Fortune 500 company.

Overview to Marketing Suite

Marketing Suite by 500apps is an All-in-One marketing and advertising solution that offers capacities to build websites, manage organic (SEO) rankings, generate unique content and ad copies for paid campaigns, execute email campaigns with drip sequencing, manage your organization's social presence across multiple platforms and many more!

Generate Leads with our Marketing Suite

For any marketer or organization, the primary focus is to generate high-quality leads and substantial volumes of web traffic. For this, we are offering the most contemporary solutions through:

This is an All-in-One marketing solution for any organization of any scale. With our marketing suite, we offer capabilities to:

  • Build a website and landing pages
  • Generate unique content for websites or blogs
  • Create engaging ad copies for Google Ads
  • Manage organic (SEO) efforts of a website
  • Manage multiple social media handles within a single click
  • Build unlimited email campaigns with the drag-n-drop builder
  • Record, track and monitor website users' behavior
  • Setup custom popups with exit intent
  • Enable hyper-personalized notifications for a better user engagement
  • Hyper-personalize emails, social handles, or any outreach effort


If you're running a business, having a website in today's digital world is crucial. Without a website, you're missing out on several lead generation opportunities and potential customers.

How to build a lead generation-friendly website?

Having a smooth-flowing, responsive website is very important to capture leads for any business.


To build a website/landing page, please follow the below details steps:

  • Click on Create Page
    • Choose from Use Builder or HTML Code (in this scenario I've chosen Builder)
  • On the left navigation panel, you may choose to add Sections or Content Blocks based on your requirements
  • For sections or content blocks, you may choose from the wide range of templates provided by NinjaSites
  • You also have an option to choose typography
  • Once the needed changes are made, click Save
  • Enter the Page name (Homepage/Service page/Blog or etc...)
  • Set the URL page
  • Click on SEO settings and populate Meta title, description, and keywords
  • Click Save

How can you generate more leads with forms integration?

If you're looking for a way to generate more leads, you should consider using forms integration. By integrating your forms with your lead capture system, you can automatically capture leads and save them into your database. is the tool to integrate your website.

Once the website is built, you can now integrate a custom form to your website to capture leads instantly:

  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to the Productivity tab and click
  • Click Add Form
    • You get to bundle of options to choose a form type of your choice:
      • Custom Forms
      • Survey Forms
      • Application Forms
      • Banking Forms
      • HR Forms
      • Customer Support Forms

How can you plan, write and distribute unique and engaging content?

To access NinjaContent, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to the Marketing tab and click NinjaContent
  • Enter the website (domain) and choose the target country
  • Click on the '+' icon
  • Enter the keyword details
    • Keyword type
    • Target keyword
    • Title
    • Page type
    • URL
  • Set the assignee with a target date
  • Include the secondary keywords, must-haves, and abstracts for the assignees' understanding
  • Click Save

Now, to assign a project directly:

  • Go to the Calendar tab
  • Click on any date
  • Populate the details as needed and assign them to any user

Can you manage all your ad copies and ad accounts from a single dashboard?

NinjaSEM lets you take control of your search engine marketing campaigns! From creating ad copies to managing your ad accounts, NinjaSEM is your one-stop solution for all your SEM needs.


To access NinjaSEM, please follow these steps:

  • Add Ad Group
    • Enter name
    • Landing Page URL
    • Keyword + Bid
    • Keyword + Bid
  • Now, click on 'more'
    • Navigate to Ads
    • Build engaging ad copies
    • Save
  • You have the scope to add Negative keywords at this level

Once the setup process is complete, please click on the 'Export to AdWords'> Choose all the fields you want to > Export

How to drive organic (SEO) traffic to your website?

The best way to drive organic traffic to your website is to create great content that people will want to share. You can also optimize your website for search engines so that people can find your content more easily.


To access NinjaSEO, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to the Marketing tab and click NinjaSEO
  • Crawl Map - Enter the domain name and click Crawl
    • Will generate a list of webpages
    • You can either export the list or generate a sitemap
  • Backlinks - enter the domain name and click backlinks
    • Overview
    • Inbound links
    • Outbound links
    • Backlinks Comparison with competitor
  • Links Bot - Get consolidated Google results for a specific keyword
    • Enter the keyword of your choice
    • Choose the author and backlinks information
  • Rankings - Track the dynamics of the most essential metric
    • Add a Domain, keyword, and target location > Save
    • Populate and measure the keywords rankings
  • Page Grader - Grade your page against major metrics for a targeted keyword
    • Add Page
    • Enter the Domain and keyword
    • Hit Find Page Grader
  • Link Tracking - Link your page against major metrics for a targeted keyword
    • Add Link
      • Add Site URL
      • Backlink URL
      • Domain Authority
      • Purchase details for a Paid backlink
      • Choose between 'No-Follow' or 'Do-Follow' backlinks
  • Keyword Recommendations - Find the best keywords to enhance your content
    • Enter the competitor URL, Keyword and Countr
    • Get Recommendations

In what way can you decide the placement of CTAs to get more leads?

You'll want to consider where your target audience is most likely to be when they're visiting your site. If they're likely to be at the top of the page, you'll want to place your CTA there. These insights can be gained from SiteRecording.


How do you engage website visitors and generate leads using popups?

Popups can be effective tools for engagement and lead generation. Create and engage the audience with proper popups with ConvertPath.


How do you get leads from push notifications?

There are many ways to get leads from push notifications. One way is to create a campaign that encourages users to opt in to receive notifications from your brand. Another way is to include a call to action within the notification itself, such as a special offer or discount code. You can also use push notifications to drive traffic to a landing page or sign-up form.



Email marketing is essential for all businesses, big or small. It's a great way to start the sales process, make it stronger, and increase customer awareness of your brand. MailSend offers the best solution for your email marketing efforts.

Can Email Marketing help with Lead Generation?

Yes, we can and it's one of the oldest marketing techniques. It starts by creating compelling content that encourages website visitors to sign up for your email list. Once you have a person's contact information, you need to continue building a relationship with them by sending them targeted and relevant emails that offer value.


To access MailSend, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to the Marketing tab and click MailSend
  • Create a Project (+ Add Project)
  • Name, Description for the project, Add any member to be a part of the project > Save
  • Click on the Newsletters tab
  • Select from:
    • Pre-defined template or
    • Old styled text email format or
    • Build your own newsletter with HTML
  • Choose any block you wish to edit
    • Images, logos, Text, Fonts, and more
    • Choose from the editable blocks available on the right navigation panel
    • Save
    • Optional - Send Test (Test your email newsletter internally before it's rolled to the prospects)
  • Navigate to the Subscribers tab
    • Add the users individually or in bulk
  • Name every list for your reference
  • Navigate to the Dashboard to see the results of the email campaigns
    • Total Sent, Total Success, Total Failed, Total Opens, and Total Clicks
  • Now, navigate to the Drips tab
    • Set up the drip email campaigns per your requirement
      • Setup drip based on the user's interaction
      • All the results of the drip campaigns are populated on the dashboard tab

How to use AI for content?

Writing mail body content can be difficult at times. One way is to use a tool like Outreachwriter. This tool can help you understand the audience profile and creates high-quality content for your emails.


This AI content writing tool researches the profile over LinkedIn/Website before generating the customized content best suited for cold outreach. It can generate personalized content for different outreach scenarios. From creating an email with the pitch for a link exchange to sending LinkedIn connection requests, or congratulating someone on a recent job change; it does it all.

1. For Emails, click on > Company tab and enter the domain name. It will generate a personalized cold email for you.

2. OutreachWriter is a great tool for managers and they can use it for creating customized content for drafting emails to be sent to candidates for interviews, rejections, etc.

How Email Personalization can get more clicks to your email?

Including a personal touch in your email can make a big difference in whether or not your message is successful. By taking the time to personalize your email, you are more likely to see higher rates of open and click-through.

Improve web engagement through personalized emails with images, countdown timers, videos, and many more


Social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses, big or small. It's a great way to attract new customers, as well as get feedback from current ones. Additionally, social media can help build customer loyalty and help businesses reach a larger, international market. Not to mention, it can also be used for market research purposes, which can help reduce marketing costs.

How to leverage Social Media to Lead Generation?

Branding, Engagement and Follows are the solutions for lead generation through Social Media.


  • Go to Streams
  • Add a Category
  • Add a Category
  • Click on any Edit and choose advance search to setup any stream across any social platform
  • From here the user would be able to engage with the relevant social posts directly

How to write engaging content, and schedule the posts?

  • Navigate to the Posts tab
    • Click Add Post
      • Select Network
      • Write a Post
      • Schedule your Post
  • Optional - Click on Manage Approvals


The goal of brand outreach is to increase brand recognition, facilitate the promotion, and boost revenue.

Automate Outreach activities for Lead Generation

By forming relationships with industry professionals, you will be able to identify potential customers and partners who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. By taking the time to develop these relationships, you will be better positioned to generate quality leads that can result in new business opportunities.

How to generate leads matching your buyer's persona?

Salespeople either purchase leads or generates them manually by researching over the web. The accuracy is never 100% and the high bounce rate is often the problem. To help you with verified leads we have two apps.


You can search for leads matching your buyer's persona by applying advanced filters and searching by tech stack, revenue, company size, locations, etc.

For finding prospects, + Add Location and apply other filters to narrow down your search.

How to find leads using the domain name?e

1. You can also search by entering the domain name and you'll get the list of prospects working with the company.

2. For businesses working in IT and Technology, we have the advanced search option available wherein you can generate leads by entering the technology used and Leadsly will give you a list of all companies using that technology.

3. You can create custom lists and export the same to CSV or upload them on CRM. And, Leadsly comes with built-in integration with OutReachly (sales engagement software).

4. You can also install Leadsly's Chrome extension to find leads on the go.

Can you find, and verify your leads in bulk

This app helps you find and verify email addresses with just one click. You can search for email addresses just by entering the domain name.

1. To get the emails in bulk, go to > Domain Search > Switch To Bulk Domain Search > Upload the CSV file with the header as Domain and you'll get email addresses in bulk in one single file.

If you have a prospect's name and website and are trying to find the right email address, then you can make use of the “Email Finder” feature. Simply enter > First Name > Last Name > Domain Name and you'll get the business email you are looking for.

3. is the perfect tool to minimize email bounce rates. You can integrate with your CRM and Chrome extension is also available.

How to engage with the potential leads or prospects?

Outbound activities take place across multiple channels and there are multiple touch points as well. At this stage, leads are qualified and nurtured, and sales calls and presentations take place. We have three custom apps to help you automate your outreach tasks and streamline the sales pipeline.


With OutReachly, you can automate your workflows, set up task-based cadences, and generate SQLs at scale.

1. To set up a cadence, click on > Settings > Add Simple Cadence or > Add Advanced Cadence and merely drag and drop the various tasks from the Call-Flow column.

2. You can scrape leads from LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and other lead sources over the internet by clicking on the > Play icon next to the platform. Once you enter the account handle the bots will work their magic and you will get a list of leads that can be added to your account.

With OutReachly, you can reach out to your prospects through Emails, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Calls - all platforms from one place.

How do you bulk call your leads?


VoxDesk is an outbound predictive dialer that comes with packed features. You can reduce agent fatigue through soundboards, voicemail drops, and automation.

1. To add a project, go to > Add Project fill in the details and add team members.

2. Add contacts by clicking on > Contacts and save them to the list. These can be assigned to SDRs based on tags or lists for them to make calls.

3. You can add, edit, and customize flows by clicking on the > Flow tab wherein you find different options.

4. You can also automate tasks by going to > Automations > Add Automation where you can set the triggers and the corresponding task will be done via webhook or flow. One such automation is sending emails when you reach voicemail.

VoxDesk comes with built-in integrations with and OutReachly and it can be integrated with Gmail, SMTP, SendGrid, Twilio, and other apps that you use.

How do you drive more conversions?

To convert the leads into customers, salespeople deploy different approaches and lead management plays a crucial role. To help you with lead and sales pipeline management, we have a Smart CRM. comes with 360-degree contact management and advanced capabilities.

To add leads, click on > Leads > Add Lead. You can add leads manually or import leads in bulk by uploading your leads' CSV files.

How to manage documents?

1. To upload documents, go to > Documents > +Add Document and upload your documents.

2. Using you can manage all your outreach activities. Calls, emails, LinkedIn, Twitter - All platforms are supported.

3. We understand how important outbound tasks are in the sales process and all the more so during the closure stage. To make sure no task is missed, you can set up reminders, mark priority and filter out the dead leads and follow up on the warm ones.

4. can be easily integrated with your CRM, Gmail, SMTP, Hubspot, SendGrid, AgileCRM, and other tools that you use.

To help you understand and manage the steps involved in using these apps, your next step should be to refer to our “Getting Started” series. There you'll find step-by-step instructions, best practices, and videos to help you get the best of our apps.

500apps has helped more than 30,000 businesses to grow like the Fortune 500 and you are welcome to join this SaaS Revolution!