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Introduction to 500apps

500apps is a single, most-progressive web solution bundle that gives developing organizations an All-in-One SaaS suite. It is a mixture of 50 applications that cover different business works like Sales, Marketing, HR and Ops, Support, Developers, Productivity, Collaboration, and Browser extensions.

With a global uptime guarantee of 99.5%, 500apps provides businesses with a slingshot growth strategy to become the next Fortune 500 company.

Overview to Support Suite

The Support Suite from 500apps All-in-One Business Suite helps the organization to improve customer experience. The suite offers different applications that focus on various aspects of Support Function. It helps you to provide prompt service to your customers for maintaining a good reputation and retaining customers. All-in-One Support Suite application including Live chat, Help Desk, Chat bot and Customer Feedback forms to improve the customer support services.

About the Support Lifecycle

We believe that the primary activities of the support lifecycle would fall under these stages.

  • Intent : Gathering Pre-Onboarding details of the new user or existing customers.
  • Onboarding : Creating the workflows and pop-ups for the self onboarding and scheduling the online appointment for Interactive Onboarding.
  • Resolve : Managing the queries and issues to resolve it quickly and at the ease of customer.
  • Feedback : Collecting feedback from the customer using widget and public forms for improvement and enhancements.

Intent Stage

Why Intent Stage?

At the Intent Stage, getting the Pre-Onboarding details of the new user is important. It helps the support manager to select the right module of onboarding. By using, you can create forms based on your department, product and services.You can collect the user information, compile it based on your need and review the information to schedule for Onboarding.

How to collect the Pre-Onboarding details?

How to Create the Projects

  • Login 500apps > Go to Productivity Select
  • Click Add Project > Enter the Project Name ( it could be department or product name).
  • Fill the Description with the details of the project.
  • Select/ Add project member by clicking the add member.
  • Save the page.

How to Create Forms? will help you to collect the pre-onboarding details in a systematic way. It has built-in templates for various departments. You can also customize the forms by simple drag and drop visual form builder.

Let's see how to create forms.

  • How to create / add Forms
  • After creating the projects, you have to add forms.
  • Add Project Add Forms
  • Click the Add Forms > select Single Step Forms
  • Click the Single Step form and go to the new form.

Click the Single Stop Form > get the new page.

  • Enter the form name.
  • Select the components, smart fields and grids from the dropdown.
  • Click Submit to save the page.

How to view the responses

  • Click the response.
  • Select preview response to see all the responses from the user.

How to Track Forms?

After sending the form, you need to manage and track the form to understand whether or not the forms are delivered to the user. You can also filter the forms based on the criteria like form names, status etc.

Go to Productivity > Select > Click Contacts

  • Go to Track form and check the details.

Onboarding Stage

Why Onboarding Stage?

After receiving the requirements of the users, the support manager should select the right module for onboarding. There are two modules of onboarding.

  • Self-Onboarding.
  • Interactive Onboarding.

The Support Manager will assign the task related to Self-Onboarding to the Customer Onboarding Manager. Similarly for Interactive Onboarding he will assign the task to the Customer Success Manager.

Let's see how to create Self-Onboarding.

How to plan a Self-Onboarding Session?

If you want users to be able to understand your product or service on their own, then you should consider Self-Onboarding. With this method, users will learn about your product or services as they go.

How to Create NinjaOnboarding web page

Login to 500apps, go to Support > select NinjaOnboarding from the dropdown.

  • Click Add web page.
  • Fill the name and enter the website URL.
  • Click the save button.

How to create workflows and pop-ups

Go to Support > select NinjaOnboarding

Click the add flow button on the right hand side.

A new page will be open and fill the details as per your requirement.

  • Fill the flow name.
  • In the condition section, enter the page url and other conditions for the workflows.
  • In action section, enter the details of pop ups and script for designing the pop-ups.

How to create Knowledge base

Go to Support select

  • Select Knowledge base.
  • Click add article.
  • Fill the page.
  • Save the page.

How to plan an Interactive Onboarding Session?

In Interactive Onboarding, we need to set up online appointments with Customer Success Manager.Based on the requirement, you may have one to one or one to many sessions.

How to set up Online Appointments for Interactive Onboarding

Go to Productivity > select the

  • From the calendar, select the date and fill details of the meeting.
  • Select the Owner from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Event Name.
  • Enter start date and end date.
  • Fill the Description.
  • Enter the invites.

How to set up Inbound / Outbound calls

Go to Collaboration > Select the PBXPlus

  • Click Phone Numbers.
  • In Add the number page will come, Add Name, select telephony and Call flow.
  • Click the save button.

How to set up Followup Cadence

Go to Sales > Select the OutReachly

  • Click the task then fill the name, status, Owner, Due date, Account, prospects, Cadence and Description.
  • Save the page.

Resolve Stage

Why Resolve Stage

In the Resolve Stage, Managing and Resolving the issues quickly and with ease of customer is high priority. Knowing the history of the user allows the team member to make the conversation meaningful.

How to set up live agent

Go to Support > Select the NinjaChat

  • Click the Agent section.
  • On the page, select the Agent from the dropdown.
  • Add the nickname (if any).
  • Click the Go Active and then save the page.

How to set up BotUp

How to create Project

Go to Support > Select the BotUp

  • Add project - enter the project name, Description and project members.
  • You can also choose icons and color to differentiate the projects.
  • At the end, save the page.

How to Create Flow

Go to Support > Select BotUp

  • Click the Flows and add the flow button.
  • Select from the built in template to create the workflows.
  • If you want to customize, select the icons from the left menu bar.

Feedback Stage

Why Feedback Stage?

In the Feedback Stage, taking the feedback from the user in time will be challenging. Likewise, getting the suggestions from your top customers to know the possibility for collaboration and integration.

How to collect feedback Timely and Quickly

Go to Support > Select the FeedbackUp from the dropdown

  • You have to get the Feedback from the widget as well as the public page.
  • You can Filter the results by status, title, etc. to make it easier to understand all the feedback


Hope the above step by step guide helps you to use our apps fully to grow your business. We've helped more than 30,000 businesses grow like the Fortune 500 and yours can be the next.

We have an app wise getting started page as well. Please go through it for more details on individual apps.