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Notice how visitors interact with your website, and only keep the sessions of your target audience, to better understand their behaviour and boost conversions.

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Viewpoint of Visitors With Visitor Recording

Capture detailed user interactions, such as what pages they view, how long they stay on each page, and what links they click, and track user activity across multiple devices, allowing you to identify user needs and preferences, and identify areas of improvement on your website.

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Edit Recordings

Edit Recordings

Manage session recordings with ease to instantly gain insightful behavioural knowledge. Choose from a broad selection of filters to reduce the number of results you see so you can edit and remove them all at once.

Prioritize Visitor Recordings

Prioritize Visitor Recordings

Sort session recordings according to the user device, operating system, and region that meet your requirements. Mark them with a star or add your own tags for simple categorization, quick access, and segmented analysis.

Record Sessions

Record Sessions

Eliminate any uncertainty about how visitors will interact with your website. Keep track of visitors' movements, clicks, and other actions as they navigate through your website.


What is Visitor Recording?

Monitoring and tracking a visitor's interactions while they are on a website is known as visitor recording. It keeps track of and examines user activity on the website. The data gathered can be used to improve the website's look, functionality, and usability.

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